We offer all kinds of spices from around the world, in the widest range of types and qualities possible, so that we can satisfy our customers’ diverse needs. As a direct importer, we personally control the quality of the goods in the countries of origin during ripening and harvest, thanks to which we are able to offer all types at highly competitive prices. Similarly, thanks to our knowledge, we can predict price movements and changes in individual commodities, and thus provide our clients with an advisory service aimed at satisfying their needs.

Please browse the list of the types of spices we offer below, and contact us if you are interested – we are prepared to send you reference samples so that you can assess their quality, or discuss any queries or requirements you have.

Single spices

The range of single spices is inexhaustible. Choose the type you are interested in from our Encyclopaedia; we offer spices from “A” to “Z”.

We can grind all types of spices in our own grinding device, and sort them if the customer requires it.


Given that the range of spice tastes and scents is inexhaustible, the amount of blends we produce is even wider and more varied than we can state on this page. That is why, for easier orientation, we state only a few basic types, divided into the following sub-groups:

Blends designed for retail sales

  • VEGA – a classic “soup spice” produced with or without monosodium glutamate (MSG E 621) as required. A carefully balanced mild taste with a lower salt content, meticulously selected and sorted vegetables and enrichment with vitamin B1 are guarantees of the quality of a product to which an ever-increasing number of customers in the Czech Republic and abroad are finding their way.
  • GOLDEN CHICKEN – a typical blend for flavouring meat cooked on a home grill, especially recommended for the preparation of poultry (wings, legs, etc. ...). Also suitable for barbecues.
  • CURRY – on the basis of a Thai curry recipe, it will flavour and season food superbly.

Other types: Ajika, Aztec Grill, Baby Grill (without “E” numbers), Barbecue, Potato Pancakes, Herb Butter, Devilish Seasoning, Country, Goulash Seasoning, Grill Seasoning (with or without added MSG), Garam Masala, Grill Seasoning with Wild Garlic, Gyros, Mushroom Seasoning, Hungarian Decorative Mix, Chicken a la Pheasant, Italian Mix, Minced Meat, Nasi Goreng, Ratatouille, Fish, Meatloaf, Steak, Mutton and Rabbit, Tandoori Masala, Thai Grill, Game...

Blends for gastronomy

We offer a wide range of ingredients, spice blends and bases for the production of ready-made foods; more at

Blends for the food industry

  • Gingerbread spices – we produce this blend in several versions, on the basis of individual customers’ specific requirements, so that the product’s originality is preserved, while at the same time facilitating its production at the largest possible scale.
  • Canned products – an endless range of types. As in other cases, many recipes were developed in close collaboration with customers (“tailor-made”) – as an illustration, we can list some basic products:
    • Luncheon Meat, Beef in its Own Juices, Rustic Pork
    • Pâtés – “Májka” [Maypole] Pâté, Liver Pâté, Bacon Spread, Afternoon Tea, Halal...

Blends for meat production

These are spice mixes produced on the basis of traditional Czech and Moravian meat product recipes. On the basis of our customers’ requests, we supply either a natural spice mix, or a blend of spices, technological additives and spice extracts – “technological spice mixes”.

Small meat products

Pork sausages, sausages, fine sausages, Spiš sausages, Debrecen sausages, lean sausages, Viennese sausages, frankfurters, spicy sausages, etc. ...

Tender salami

Kabanos, Slovak, Gotha, Ham, Czech, Hodonín, Polish, Junior, Spicy, Chicken

Non-perishable meat products

Tourist Salami, Hunter’s, Hot Paprika, Rustic, Poličan, Herkules, Danube Sausage, Moravian Sausages, Vysočina

Baked meat products

Home-made meatloaf, Czech meatloaf, Bavarian meatloaf, Poultry meatloaf

Technological preparations for meat production

We offer all the necessary components for modern meat production; you can request more specific information about the product you require from us.