Sponzorská činnost


Given the fact that we are a prospering company, we do not forget to support non-profit sectors, and we contribute to their activity in the form of material and financial assistance. Selected projects are carefully assessed, whether taking into account support for our region, or with a focus on social desirability.

Support of Říčany Rugby Club

We have been supporting Říčany Rugby Club for several years, in the past mainly in the form of organizing children’s days, and in year 2011 we became the main sponsor of the local rugby club.

Sponsorship of the Special School in Olešovice

Our company is now a traditional sponsor of the Practical Primary Boarding School in Olešovice, which cares for children with mild mental disabilities and children from children’s homes. Support is provided both in the form of financial donations, and as material assistance when organizing excursions and educational stays.

Sponsorship of the “Čtyřlístek” [Four Leaf Clover] Kindergarten in Říčany

Another example of regional collaboration and support was the commencement of sponsorship collaboration with the “Čtyřlístek” Kindergarten, in Kavčí Skála in Říčany, in the year 2003. Our company contributes a significant financial sum to the reconstruction of the premises and building of a new outdoor playground, as well as small learning aids for the creation of Christmas decorations, etc. ...

Sponsorship of the “Broken Silence” Foundation

Our company does not forget to support handicapped children; in this case, it involved financial support for the “Broken Silence” Foundation. These funds were subsequently used for the reconstruction of the Children’s Cochlear Implant Centre building in Mrázovka, Prague, and to support its activity.

Reconstruction of a church in the Orlické Mountains

We also participated in the restoration of an endangered church and adjacent cemetery in Uhřínov pod Deštnou in the Orlické Mountains, in the form of significant financial assistance.

Other projects

During the floods, we made financial contributions via an account established by the Říčany Municipal Authority for the restoration of the Štěchovice municipality, while other funds were transferred to the People in Need Foundation’s account. We also provided direct financial assistance to Prague Zoo. Every year, we also support the local Women’s Union organization, firemen and athletes form the Říčany region, and Vachkova Primary School in Uhříněves, in the form of smaller donations. We also participated in the construction of a children’s playground in Strančice, in the form of a financial donation.